Attention Busy Dads and Men Above 30: It Isn't "Too Late"

Here's How Me and 263 Busy Dads Have Lost Up To 50lbs, Trimmed 5" Of Gut Fat & Boosted Testosterone Up to 200pts (in 8-Weeks)

And Just Like That, I Had Gotten Fat.

My name is Bryce Anderson, I'm the author of "GUTLESS: The Cure For The Common DadBod."

This is my story.

If you're reading this right now, it's probably your story as well.

Let's begin...

The cringe-worthy reflection in the mirror wasn’t lying. 

Rubbing my eyes didn’t help. The fistful of gut fat hanging off my waistline was real. 

The squishy love-handles weren’t an illusion and dreaded "Dad Bod" was upon me. 

I was 36.

"Shit! Where did this DadBod come from?"


Whenever I'd walk past the mirror, I would sigh with disappointment and feel a twinge of shame. 

And seeing pictures of myself was painful... 

“Jesus, is THAT really what I look like?”

"How the F did this happen?"

If somebody posted a picture of me on Facebook I’d ask them to “UNTAG” me. 

Embarrassing 🤦‍♂️

Imagine a grown ass man sending this text:

"Can you untag me in your latest post? I try to keep a low profile on social media."

Of course that was a lie. 

The truth? I was embarrassed about getting fat and looking old. 

I was no no longer the warrior and man I had once been. 

I knew it. 

They knew it.

And it hurt. 

Picture below from 3 Years ago: Old, tired, bloated face, big gut, 17lbs fatter Bryce (far left)… 

Definitely UNTAG this one. 

If you are thinking...

“What? You looked fine dude? That's nothing.” 

Here is thing... 

You may have 17lbs to shed like I did...

Or you have 50lbs to lose like Danny Martoe the "GUTLESS WOLF GOAT" (see Danny's pics and crazy success story below)...

You can ditch your DadBod in 8-Weeks with the system I'm about to share with you below. 

And if you've ever wondered if you're too old to turn things around...

I did too.

You aren't...

Most of my clients are men in their 40's and some are even in their 60's. We have NFL Agents, CEOs, Firefighters, Ex-Military, White Collars, and Blue Collar guys. 

We have a wide range of busy dads and men above 30 who had been struggling for years and had "tried everything." 

Sound familiar?

Take a deep breath...

93% of my clients lose 10-30lbs, ditch the dadbod and go GUTLESS 8-Weeks.

Hell... NFL Sports Agent and Father of 2, Kenny Chapman lost 19lbs in the first week then went on to lose 48lbs over the course of the 8-Week GUTLESS Challenge.

Losing 10lbs in the first week isn't uncommon for GUTLESS Gangsters.

Want proof? 

The video below is a screen recording taking from my iPhone after Danny, Kenny & The LIVEWIRES finished their first week of GUTLESS in April 2020. 

ALL of the men in the GUTLESS LIVEWIRES CLASS (video above) were older than 40.

So... you aren't too old dude. 

That excuse doesn't work here. 

Roger Lang the "Mountain GOAT" was 61 when he boosted his T and lost 26lbs in 8-Weeks with GUTLESS. 

Danny Martoe, Sports Executive and Father, lost 17lbs in the first week and holds the ALL-TIME 8-Week GUTLESS weight loss record. He lost 50lbs in 8-Weeks. 
Back to my story... 


I vowed to get rid of my gut and whip myself back into shape before my 37th birthday. The DadBod thing had gone too far.  

Not only did I lose 17lbs in 8-Weeks and get my abs and my confidence back, I got in the best shape of my life. 

And 3 years later, I'm in even better shape than I was in the pic on the right below.

I had gotten fat after attending a 2-months corporate training in Fort Myers, FL.

We were working around the clock, stressed, not sleeping, not working out and stress eating plus drinking just about every night for 2-months.

The perfect recipe for lowering T and packing on LBs.

I arrived to training with a 6-Pack and left with a DadBod.

It happened fast.

Because I was in my mid 30’s… 

I wondered if I was just getting older and if I was just too old to get back to my fighting weight.

And how did I get fat so fast? 

And why was it so much harder to ditch the fat than when I was younger?


Given the fact that I gained 17-lbs after having let myself go for just 2-months and was entering my late 30's, I also wondered if my Testosterone was low. 


I ordered an online Testosterone test.


Suspicions confirmed.


Low T.



As I searched for ways to boost T naturally, ads for Testosterone Replacement Therapy or “TRT” kept popping up.


Didn’t like what I read about TRT.


Conclusion: Needles, Doctors, Dangerous, Inconvenient and Expensive.

Wide-spread Synthetic Testosterone usage and TRT clinics is a new thing. It's only been abound since in 2013!

To put that in perspective, in the 1950's doctors were endorsing cigarettes as a health way to suppress your appetite and lose weight! 

Unlike doctors and cigarettes back in the 1950's, we already know that Synthetic Testosterone usage is super dangerous and can shave years off of your lifespan. 

That's why using STEROIDS (which is what TRT is) has been illegal up until 2013. 

The good news, you can in fact boost your T naturally and eliminate the majority of low T symptoms that men above 30 deal with:

  • ​Excessive Gut Fat: If your gut is more than 40" in circumference, you are 50% more likely to die young
  • Man Boobs: Gut fat produces aromastase which increases your estrogen, lowers T and causes man boobs
  • Loss Of Muscle: You need adequate T to maintain your muscle mass or you will get skinny fat
  • ​Loss Of Sex Drive & Function: Where did my "Morning Wood" go? Testosterone is required for sex drive and function
  • ​Low Energy: Testosterone is the fountain of youth for men and if you don't have enough... you feel old and tired
I've been an athlete my entire life, played collegiate sports and have Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

Additionally, I have multiple health, nutrition and personal training certifications.

So at the time of my Low T ↔ Gut Fat crisis... not only did I have decades of personal experience in weight loss and fitness, I had helped hundreds of people lose weight.

But... my newly acquired 17-lbs of chub was not budging despite using all my standard weight loss methods.

I spent weeks studying and applying natural testosterone boosting methods supported by science and clinical studies.

The craziest thing that I learned and was never taught in school was about the Low Testosterone Gut Fat connection...

1. After 30, your Testosterone production decreases by 1% every year

2. The lower your T, the easier it is to gain gut fat

3. The more gut fat you have, the lower your T becomes!

Crazy right?!

So not only does excessive gut fat make you 50% more likely to die prematurely... 

Gut fat produces a co-enzyme called aromatase that converts T into the female hormone estrogen. 

Gut fat literally KILLS your Testosterone.

The lower your T, the more gut fat.

The more gut fat, the lower your T.

We call this the Low T ↔ Gut Fat Connection.

Through weeks, months and now years of trial and error, I've identified most powerful combination of supplemental, behavioral and dietary ways for men to correct their hormonal imbalances, shed estrogenic gut fat fast and break the vicious Low T ↔ Gut Fat connection. 

And I've developed a 8-Week program that 100's of busy dads who love to eat and men above 30 have used to transform their bodies rapidly.

It's called the GUTLESS. 

GUTLESS is the only program I know of that breaks the Low T ↔ Gut Fat connection naturally and in just 8-Weeks. 

I am 39 and have a lower body fat percentage then I did when I was 29. I took this picture last week on a trip to Bozeman, Montana.

I'm continuing to get leaner. I feel stronger than I've felt in years. My sex drive is higher than it has ever been and NO, this doesn't just work for me. 

After this system changed my life...

I decided to share it with a few buddies who were also feeling run down, old, fat in the midsection and beat up. They were also blown away by the results.

Because GUTLESS works so well, it has continued to grow organically and I launched a group coaching program called the "GUTLESS ELITE: 8-Week Challenge." It blew up fast because one guy after another would sign up, get ridiculous results and tell everyone about it. 

And they kept pouring in... 

We get referrals every single day.

(the one below came in 10mins ago)

Within a year, I was able to leave my high paying tech sales job and go back to doing something that I love and changes lives.

Until now, 100% of my clients have come through referrals because again... nearly every single client of mine gets incredible results and refers their friends. 

But... until now GUTLESS has only been available to people I personally know and their friends. 

Doesn't seem right.

Thousands of men are walking around thinking that they are just too old and it is simply too late to turn things around.

Simply not true. 

Thousands of men are gaining more dangerous gut fat by the day. With every pound gained and failed attempt to solve the problem.

They are becoming more hopeless and frustrated while inching closer to death with every pound gained due to a completely correctable problem.

Not okay.

Take Nick Kurns for example, he signed up for the Nov-Dec GUTLESS ELITE CHALLENGE and shed 100% of the excess fat he'd been lugging around for the last 5 years! He did that in the last 6-weeks (two weeks before his 8-Week goal).

Nick's FB post below was posted today. 

GUTLESS has worked so well for so many great guys who had been struggling for years and giving up on themselves...

That I feel a moral obligation to make it available any and every man who need it.

Most of my clients are fathers, husbands, bosses and leaders that others depend on. These men don't want to be miserable and die young from an obesity-related disease... nor do the people who depend on them. 

But try as they might...

They had not found a weight loss program for men that actually works until finding GUTLESS. 

For this reason, I'm making GUTLESS publicly available and affordable for everyone.

Here's the problem...

Unlike my referral clients, you don't have a buddy who has already been coached by me and is living breathing proof that GUTLESS works. 

So you and everyone else who reads this is going to be skeptical and you should be.

Hell some of our results are so drastic that they are hard for ME to believe! 

So let me tell you a quick story that is too detailed and hard to fake...

Danny Martoe took the GUTLESS G.O.A.T. BELT from former GUTLESS G.O.A.T., Cliff LaBoy who lost lost 48lbs in 8-Weeks back in the March 2020 GUTLESS ELITE CHALLENGE.

After Danny became the new GUTLESS G.O.A.T., I flew to Miami to congratulate him in person and meet his family. 

Below you see me, Danny and his family having dinner at his home in Miami. That was in August 2020 (right after he lost 50lbs in the July-August GUTLESS LIVEWIRE CHALLENGE).

One night we were headed out to dinner and ran into friend of Danny's. Danny hadn't seen him since before Danny started GUTLESS.

Danny said hello and his friend had no idea who he was looking at. When he finally realized who Danny was, his jaw literally dropped. 

Danny was physically unrecognizable to his buddy. He buddy couldn't believe what he was seeing. 

He kept saying, "I'm sorry, I am just so confused. You look like an entirely different person!

It was an awkward and awesome moment in GUTLESS history.

After you finish GUTLESS, people will say "You look amazing! What the hell have you been doing?" 

And in some cases, people will have a hard time understanding who they are talking too because the results are so damn drastic. 

GUTLESS can change your life. It can and has ended decade long struggles with weight loss in a matter of 8-Weeks. 

Are you ready to go GUTLESS?

Hundreds of busy dads who love to eat have followed this same system to:

- Lose 10-30lbs in 8-Weeks

- Increase Testosterone by up to 200pts

- Ditch their DadBods

- Shave 10" Off Their Gut Circumference 

- Go From A XXL to a Large

- Drop 4 Holes In Their Belt Size

- Normalize Blood Pressure

- Reverse Diabetes

- Stop Acid Reflux

- Stop Sleep Apnea

- Get "Morning Wood" Back

- Increase Sex Drive

- Double Energy

The benefits list is extensive and...

Some of them have lost as much as 30-50lbs like:

- Danny Martoe (Lost 50lbs - Shown Above)

- Steve Caric (Lost 43lbs - Shown Below)

- Cliff LaBoy (Lost 48lbs - Shown Below)

- Ty Vernon (Lost 37lbs - Shown Below)

But... we money-back guarantee 10-30lbs of weight loss in 8-Weeks because that happens literally any man who completes GUTLESS.

"Life-Changing" is how Ty Veron (below) and many of our guys describe the system I'm going to share with you.

I'm about to tell you how to get your hands on this life-changing system for men in a second...

But- I know that you've tried bogus programs with big claims and no follow through in the past.

So... I want you to know that I've personally conducted extensive video interviews with Danny Martoe, Cliff LaBoy, Steve Caric, Ty Vernon and EVERY GUTLESS success story I've referenced today and dozens of others successful GUTLESS GANGSTERS.

As of today, I have hundreds of GUTLESS success stories from busy Dads who love to eat and lost as much as 50lbs in 8-Weeks in the GUTLESS GANG. 

You can verify that I am a real person and these are real people on our testimonial page later. But first...

I want to show you the same step by step system these dads and men above 30 used to transform themselves and drastically change their lives in just 8-Weeks. 

Rest assured, this book is going to take you step-by-step through the 8-Week GUTLESS Transformation. You will receive the same system that GUTLESS ELITE Members have paid thousands of dollars to access. 

GUTLESS has restored confidence, transformed and drastically altered the lives of so many of my GUTLESS ELITE clients, that I’ve decided to make the formula available to everyone. 

This is the same exact system that my greatest GUTLESS success stories have used to get life-changing results (again and again). 

I’m excited to announced that this life-changing “system” for busy dads who love to eat and men above 30 with low T is ready for release.


Here's Exactly What You Will Discover Inside "GUTLESS - THE CURE FOR GUT FAT, LOW T AND THE COMMON DADBOD."

  • The GUTLESS M1 and GUTLESS M2 Grub Matrix that will allow you to eat as much as you want, never be hungry and still lose weight so you aren’t hungry, miserable and feel like you would rather be overweight than stay on a horrible “diet”.
  • The only 3 pillars of weight loss for men that really matter, are rooted in science and have been time-tested to make weight loss simple, effective and long lasting so you never have to wonder what really works and what is BS.
  • The 5 most powerful, inexpensive, safe and critical ways Testosterone to boost and maintain your Testosterone levels so you can shed 5” off your gut in a matter of weeks, ditch your man boobs, build lean muscle mass faster and get your sex drive back. 
  • My personal 3-step mini system to help you develop the daily disciplines, habits and mindset you need to keep you on-track and moving forward so you don’t become unmotivated, confused, lost and simply give up.
  • The ability to have up to a cheat meal per day after your hormonal imbalance has been corrected (Testosterone is up, Estrogen is down and your Insulin sensitivity is up) so that you can actually stick to this plan and keep the weight off for the rest of your life. 
  • More respect for yourself and respect from your wife, kids, colleagues and everyone who knows you so that you can finally feel good about yourself again.
  • ​Peace of mind in knowing that you will not die young from an obesity related disease leaving your wife and kids to fend for themselves. 

Here's What You're About To Get Your Hands On:

Here Is Why Former Navy SEAL Brett Vernon Quit Keto After 5-Years & Went GUTLESS

We often say... "unless you think you are tougher than a Navy SEAL, Keto will fail you long term."

A lot of guys do the Keto diet, because they can lose 10-20lbs in a matter of weeks. The problem is, literally nobody I know (including my Navy SEAL cousin Brett Vernon) can stick to Keto long term. P.S. Men regularly lose 10-20lbs in the first 2-Weeks of GUTLESS. 

My cousin Brett is one of the toughest people in the world and he lasted 5-years but ultimately just couldn't do it anymore. So Brett called me, lost 30lbs on GUTLESS in 8-Weeks and said "This is so much easier than Keto and it works just as well if not better, I should have called you sooner."

GUTLESS also works fast and the results last... 

We often say... "unless you think you are tougher than a Navy SEAL, Keto will fail you long term."

A lot of guys do the Keto diet, because they can lose 10-20lbs in a matter of weeks. The problem is, literally nobody I know (including my Navy SEAL cousin Brett Vernon) can stick to Keto long term. P.S. Men regularly lose 10-20lbs in the first 2-Weeks of GUTLESS. 

My cousin Brett is one of the toughest people in the world and he lasted 5-years but ultimately just couldn't do it anymore. So Brett called me, lost 30lbs on GUTLESS in 8-Weeks and said "This is so much easier than Keto and it works just as well if not better, I should have called you sooner."

GUTLESS also works fast and the results last... 

Here's Why Men Pay Me Thousands of Dollars For GUTLESS...

Before GUTLESS... Most of the men I speak with, are feeling hopeless and like they've tried everything but NOTHING works. Even when everything else has failed, GUTLESS works. 

Men regularly lose 10-20lbs in the first 2-Weeks of the GUTLESS. Below are some results from the GUTLESS Jan 2021 Challenge...

Here's Why GUTLESS Normally Costs $2400...

If you signed up for GUTLESS ELITE, we'd spend an hour on your intake call. Then, I'd spend dozens of hours personally teaching you this system. You may or not be ready for that. GUTLESS ELITE is $2400 for 8-Weeks of Group Coaching. To work with me 1:1 costs $300/hr. 

So... even if you are ready, it may not be a financial possibility for us to work together right now. However, I know that thousands of men like you NEED GUTLESS. 

So I figured out a way to get it into your hands for next to nothing. One of the reasons, I am able to offer the system at this price is because I don't ship you anything. You get the book, the 5-Day GUTLESS MOTIVATION SERIES and everything you need to boost your T naturally, ditch the dadbod and go GUTLESS instantly.  

Because of that I am releasing GUTLESS the book at the lowest rate possible...

Normally $97 Today Just $17

Here's All You Need To Do Now...

To get your hand on GUTLESS: The Cure For The Common DadBod now, have your credit card ready and use our secure order form. 

Just click the big GUTLESS GOLD colored button below. Take 1 Minute to fill out the payment form, then you will be take to our instant access page.

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